Wedding it is… Engagement ring platter & Trousseu packing

Yayy!! it’s wedding season 🤵 👰 The wedding where two souls,💑 two families are👪👪 united together forever in the bond of love 💓and trustBig fat Indian wedding is always famous for all the preparations to perfection. The preparations start from the day wedding date has declared. Days have spent to decide the venue, guest list, sweets, wedding cards, attire 👗👚 jewelry, decorations, accessories 👜💄 and many more… the list goes on…

When all the things are made to perfection, then why not give some time and find the best platters and trousseau packing.  Crafty Arty Namy is the one-stop solution for all your worries 😀😁😎 specialized in engagement ring tray and trousseau packaging.  If you are thinking of any theme any color, yes we can make it 👍

There is a wide range of varieties in engagement ring platter. Engagement day is the period of time between marriage proposal and marriage where two people promise to wed💑 Two people exchange the rings 💍 and are tied in bond. Such important day of life and the most precious moment for  🤵👰 and parents. Why not make this moment more special with engagement ring platter which carries the special ring for the couple designed and decorated beautifully.


This platter gives a western touch, made with a wine glass, if you have Indian wedding theme we can give it Indian touch, the best idea would be to match this with the couples dress code.  We can get as creative as we can to make it look perfect with your theme.


Beautiful orange and blue combination platter for holding rings with the bappas blessing. Very decent and pearly work done by me. It can be customized with any statue, Radha Krishna or a couple.


This cage made by me to give a special theme for lovers who are bond in true love and are looking for freedom, new life as they get engaged.


This platter is the wooden base which gives an antique and classy look.


This is another lovely platter made by me in which I have put in all the feelings of the couple for each other.


Red!! the color of love… with heart beads showing love all over the basket platter.


This one is special my mom carrying my platter welcoming Mr. Mohit Mittal


This platter I made for my ring ceremony. Sorry 🙇‍♀️I don’t have a good picture, will upload soon. This a well-thought theme made me make this, giving a western and Indian touch. Adding our photo giving it personalized touch with Radha Krishna Statue. The cage and the birds carrying our ring around neck depicts the freedom, love, purity of our relation.

And the list goes on… if you have any theme in your mind we can make it 😎😍

Trousseau packing

Now some of you might wonder what is trousseau packing. So Trousseau packing is the specialized packaging for wedding gifts given to the bride and her to-be family including her husband. When you have thought of attire, jewelry, sweets then why not pack it beautifully and elegantly. Packing cosmetics, fruits, dry fruits, grains, jewelry, sari, suit and many more items, everything is done at one stop Crafty Arty Namy. I will share my work with you all.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my blog and all things I made.

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