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My first exhibition… and I am so excited to share my experience with you all.

See how happy I am. So to be frank this was my first ever experience and yes I was very nervous as well as happy. My first picture with all my items.


There was this fun fair in our society and people can put their stalls. I never thought of doing any exhibition in my life until my roomies motivated me too. Love you Sheetal, Suruchi, and Manju, if it were not you I would have never thought of doing so. As they said, just show your creativity to people, see the response you get, but for few days I ignored them. Then I thought why not give it a try, at least I would learn and get some experience.

So just 3 days left for exhibition and I had very few things to put on for the exhibition. I had 2 options:

  1. Be lazy and display whatever few things I had
  2.  Work hard, make new things and display as much as I can.

Yes, I went with 2nd option, those 3 days were really hectic for me. As the start was from buying raw material from the market and it took an entire day. Left with 2 days. So I put in all my hard work, creativity and imagination in those 2 days to make all I can. Special thanks to my roomie Sheetal, she helped me a lot. All the items had to be packed and tagged with the price which again took a lot of time. After all the things were made it was time for clicking pictures. All the PC goes to Suruchi.

Now the day arrived, exhibition day, it was for 2 hours. We were given table and chair. We displayed all the items for sale. It was displayed in this way.


Yes, I was really nervous at the start. I just stood there at the beginning. Then came Mr. Mohit and he started marketing, he taught me how to talk to people, how to sell things… yes really how to sell things, it’s not how we think. What I learned was you need to talk to sell your things. Standing there still won’t help you at all. You need to have skills to impress people and make them buy. Things looking attractive won’t help until and unless you convince people that they are attractive. I know I am not a professional in this, but sharing my experience so that if anyone wants to go for such an experience my blog would help.

Heres how you invite people with a smile on your place:

  1. Hello sir/mam
  2. Good morning/afternoon sir/mam
  3. Hello, How are you doing?
  4. Welcome sir/mam

You have to explain to your customer what are you selling and why should they buy. You can target children and ladies for this. You can convince gents/boys to buy and give a gift to their mom. So there are few things which should be taken care of while talking to the crowd. Try giving attention to everyone, when there is the crowd on your stall.


  1. You can put stickers of your logo on the items you are selling.
  2. Carry a bottle while going to the exhibition, talking to people makes thirsty.
  3. Always smile.
  4. Carry your business card/visiting card.
  5. You can ask your friend to come along with you so that it’s easy to handle the crowd.
  6. Try to add extra price as people always bargain.

How was my experience?

I had a wonderful time. It was a great decision I took to participate. I learned a lot of things and shared few of them with you. About the exhibition, yes I sold almost 70% of my items in just two hours. There was none who came to my stall and left empty handed.  All the society people loved my stuff, few of them bought 2-3 things which was great. It was a good start for me. Selling things gives you confidence.  The feedback from people was amazing. Few people came back to buy things again. They loved what I made. Whats great than a satisfied customer. My picture with one of my favorite client.


I felt really proud, and yes I am ready for more upcoming exhibitions.

Few pics from the exhibition:

Customer using my items:

I hope you enjoyed my blog as much I enjoyed my exhibition.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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Loads of love to you all
Namrata Kurade


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