Wedding it is… Engagement ring platter & Trousseu packing

Yayy!! it's wedding seasonĀ šŸ¤µĀ šŸ‘° The wedding where two souls,šŸ’‘ two families arešŸ‘ŖšŸ‘Ŗ united together foreverĀ in the bond of love šŸ’“and trust.Ā  Big fat IndianĀ wedding is always famous for all the preparationsĀ to perfection. The preparations start from the day wedding date has declared. Days have spent to decide the venue, guest list, sweets, wedding cards, attire … Continue reading Wedding it is… Engagement ring platter & Trousseu packing

DIY Banner|Space theme decoration|Tips

So excited for my second post... Today I am going to share my creativity with you all how to decorateĀ a party with theĀ space theme and make a banner. Each and every one of us wants to make the party memorable, one of the easiest ways is to customize the decor which goes with your theme. … Continue reading DIY Banner|Space theme decoration|Tips